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Dumpling™ App Payment Processing
Dumpling™ App Payment Processing

Payment Processing Tips for Customers Using the dumpling™ App

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Did Your Payment Not Go Through?

Review the following scenarios to decide which fix is right for you!

  1. Check that you entered the correct card information including:

    • Card Number

    • CSV Code

    • Billing Zip Code

  2. If using a Debit Card, ensure your bank balance is enough to cover the charge.

  3. Call your Bank and ask them to authorize the charge.

  4. Add a new Debit or Credit Card to the Dumpling App to complete the order.

    • In the Dumpling App, select the Menu in the left corner

    • Click Payments

    • Tap Add in the right corner

    • Enter the new card information

    • Delete the old card by clicking it in the list and selecting Remove

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