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How do I find a shopper?
How do I find a shopper?

How to find a shopper in the app and on the web

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How do I find a shopper in the dumpling app?

If you have already downloaded the dumpling app but haven’t connected with a shopper, you can enter your zip code to find a shopper near you.

If you are already connected to a shopper and want to connect to a different shopper, go to the menu in the dumpling app by tapping on the lines at the top of the screen and tap on “find shopper.” (If you don’t have this option in your app, scroll down for web instructions.)

After you’ve clicked on “find shopper,” you’ll come to a screen where you can enter the zip code of your delivery address.

Next, you’ll see a list of shoppers that have that zip code in their delivery radius. You can tap on each shopper to view their profile which will tell you about them, what area they deliver to, their pricing, availability, and reviews!

Once you’ve found a shopper you’d like to connect with, just tap on connect and you can begin shopping.

How do I find a shopper on the website?

You can find a shopper by visiting here. Once there, enter the zip code you’d like delivery into view the list of shoppers.

On the list of shoppers, you can scroll through their short summaries to learn about what they offer or you can click on a pin drop to bring up the name of the shopper in that location. If you tap on their name, it will take you directly to their page!

Once you’ve clicked on a shopper's name, you can view the information about the services they offer, the areas they serve, and the stores they shop at. You can also see their pricing and reviews.

Once you’ve found a shopper you’d like to do business with, you can connect with them by clicking “download the app to shop now.”

You will be prompted to enter your number and you’ll be sent a link to download the app already connected to the shopper you’ve chosen!

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