Each personal shopper is a small business owner running their business on the Dumpling platform. So, they are in charge of setting their own pricing. Shopping & delivery fees may vary per store.

Here's a general breakdown of the pricing structure: 

Groceries - you pay in-store prices and get your store receipt upon delivery 

Shopping & delivery fee - set by the shopper and may vary per store. This could be either a flat rate or a percentage of your grocery total. Each shopper is a business owner, so they are able to set their own price structure.

Gratuity- % of grocery total.

5% platform fee- this may not be listed on your order, as some business owners cover this fee themselves. This is 5% of your Grocery Total.

Please contact your personal shopper directly with any questions regarding pricing or fees. You can contact them via the message or call button on the homepage of your dumpling app. 

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