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5 Things You Need to Know BEFORE Placing Your Order
5 Things You Need to Know BEFORE Placing Your Order

Each Personal Shopper is a small business owner, running their business on the Dumpling platform.

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Welcome dumpling! Before you place your first order, there something important you should know. If you've used other grocery delivery apps before, you're familiar with placing an order & having a random person shop for and deliver your groceries. 

Dumpling is different! Dumpling provides tools to small business owners to run their own Personal Shopping businesses. 

So, what does this mean for you? 

  1. Your Personal Shopper is a dedicated, small business owner. They are there to help you navigate any questions you have about how to use the app, pricing, store options, scheduling & availability, etc. 

  2. Your shopper can make changes or updates to your order, without you updating anything in the app! If you need to reschedule delivery - contact your Personal Shopper. 

  3. Your list updates in real-time! Since you pay in-store prices for your groceries, you can update your grocery list in real-time, up until the shopper has finished shopping your order. 

  4. 100% of the Shopping & Delivery Fee + the tip go to your Personal Shopper! 

  5. Your Personal Shopper is your main point of contact! Please contact your Personal Shopper directly via the message or call button in the app with any questions!

Learn more about the Dumpling app, here.

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