We just released an update for the Dumpling app that makes the process for adding items to an open order much more clear and intuitive.

Improvements to the App

When you have an open order, it will now be displayed prominently on the home page of the Dumpling app, making it very clear which list is associated with your open order.

Extra Protection

If you create or use a different list for a store that has an open order, a banner will be displayed at the top of that list informing you of the difference.

Announcement Banner and Availability Prominently Displayed on Home Page

An Announcement banner is also featured on the homepage, ensuring that you see any important messages from your personal shopper.

A new Availability line under your Personal Shopper's business name at the top of the homepage. This allows you to quickly see their general availability before starting an order.

An Easy to Find Organized "Buy Again" Category with Filtering Capabilities.

The updates are available in the Apple and Google Play Stores

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